Quebeckers’ financial anxiety is on the rise:
A development to watch

Given our current economic uncertainty, Centraide of Greater Montreal has partnered with Leger to create the Centraide Financial Anxiety Index. The index identifies Quebecers’ concerns about their financial situation and monitor changes in these concerns over time. The index is based on the results of surveys conducted twice a year.

Between the first round of results in November 2022 and the second in April 2023, there has been an upward trend in Quebeckers’ anxiety. People in vulnerable situations are proportionally the most affected.

Anxiety on the rise


Average score
(38.8 in November 2022)


Percentage of people experiencing varying degrees of anxiety
(85% in November 2022)


ProportionPercentage of people experiencing significant levels of anxiety
(moderate, severe and extreme)
(42% in November 2022)

Other key findings

  • Food continues to be the most worrying expense for Quebeckers.
  • More than one in five people (22%) reported experiencing food insecurity in recent months—a higher rate than before the pandemic.
  • Housing is a growing issue and now ranks second just behind food among people’s main concerns.
  • Some groups have higher than average scores: newcomers, people with functional impairments, single parents, people with low incomes, racialized people, women and people without a high school diploma.

Do you want to know your own financial anxiety level?

Fill out the survey in a few minutes, get your results and compare them to those of the Quebec population.

About the Centraide Financial Anxiety Index

This index measures Quebecers’ level of anxiety based on three variables:

Financial and family situation: their current situation and any expected changes


about financial issues

Quebeckers’ financial anxiety is measured twice a year. The index is based on the results from an online survey on the LEO platform among respondents aged 18 and over throughout Quebec. Centraide will track this index for three years.

Download the latest report (April 2023)

Survey conducted among 2,104 respondents between February 17 and March 2, 2023.

(Available in French only)

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