What type of agencies or initiatives
does Centraide support?

As a public foundation, Centraide of Greater Montreal is proud to help support the operating costs of community agencies and initiatives that tackle poverty and social exclusion in Greater Montreal’s neighbourhoods, towns, and cities.

If you want to discover the types of agencies or initiatives that Centraide supports and learn how to express your interest in working with Centraide, you’ve come to the right place!

Follow the steps below to find out:

1. Determine if you can work with centraide

Centraide works with and supports:

  • Agencies that work in the social sphere, including agencies with a regional focus, agencies that promote and defend human rights as well as summer camps.
  • Local initiatives that regroup, at the local-community scale, partners of various activity sectors, of different networks (community, institutional, educative, and private) who want to work together to improve quality of life, particularly of those experiencing poverty or exclusion. 
  • Community initiatives aimed at starting and exploring innovative approaches, in a local or regional area, through public activities or services. These projects are collectively managed by the major partners involved. 

Centraide doesn’t finance: cultural activities (concerts, painting expositions, choirs), sports or strictly recreational activities (hockey teams, ski clubs, sporting events), medical research or agencies who work in the sectors of physical health, the environment or international cooperation. Also, Centraide doesn’t sponsor events, seminars, or conferences.

Your agency or initiative must also meet the following criteria:

Be a private non-profit organization (NPO).

Incorporating and getting recognized as a charity (possess a registration number issued by the Canada Revenue Agency). Under certain conditions, Centraide could offer support to agencies not recognized as charities when they work in the social sector, helping people experiencing poverty and social exclusion. 

Offer services and activities within the territory served by Centraide of Greater Montreal (national, provincial and regional agencies must have an independent and representative division in Centraide of Greater Montreal’s territory).

Be managed by a board of directors composed of volunteers who are representative of the community served by the agency.

Have no affiliation or declared ties with any kind of religious or political group.

Make maximum use of volunteers at all levels of operation.

Carry out activities that meet the criteria for agency analysis.

2. What does an agency commit to when accepting financial assistance from Centraide?  

The agency-Centraide relationship is first and foremost collaborative rather than contractual. 

Together and in this spirit of collaboration, the agency and Centraide commit to helping solve social issues within communities and strengthen the impact of agencies’ actions by increasing their means. 

Centraide is committed to providing the agencies it supports with:

  • Financial support.
  • Professional support.

The agency commits to:

  • Deploying strategies and actions that reinforce its capacity to take action for people experiencing poverty.
  • Actively participating in the Centraide campaign.

3. Is your agency interested in working with and getting financial support from Centraide?

To express your agency’s interest in working with and getting support from Centraide, fill out the form below.

Click here to learn how Centraide determines which agencies and projects to work with.

*Support for summer camps

Centraide of Greater Montreal wants to support the consolidation of the summer camp sector geared towards kids and families. It considers this support as a complimentary way of helping these kids and families develop their potential. 

Guidelines specific to the summer camp sector have thus been adopted by Centraide’s Board of Directors on December 2, 2015; they are presented in this section.