How does Centraide determine
the agencies and projects it works with?

Centraide’s Board of Directors mandates a volunteer committee on investments in social development that will recommend names of agencies and initiatives as well as the amounts to be allocated.  

Supported by a team of professionals, the role of this committee can be summarised in four questions:  

1. What are the contributions that Centraide has agreed to make towards the efforts of local communities, in light of our regional analyses and the priorities determined by the community itself?

2. Is this project or agency relevant in terms of its mission and actions, given the contribution that Centraide wishes to make towards the efforts of this community?

3. Does the initiative or agency meet the performance criteria established by Centraide?

4. How much can we invest in this community while still ensuring a relatively fair distribution of our investments throughout the entire territory of Centraide of Greater Montreal?

Upon reading the questions above, you will understand how Centraide determines which agencies it supports, a rationale that differs from the “first come, first serve” basis.  

Would you like to work with and obtain financial support from Centraide?

Agencies can express their interest in working with and getting support from Centraide.

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  • The types of agencies or initiatives that Centraide supports
  • The commitments between Centraide and the agency