We are very proud and excited to present our first Theory of Change (TOC), which will serve as a blueprint toward transformative impact. 

Every member of our team and many volunteers made valuable contributions to the TOC. We merged our ideas, expertise and passions to create a shared vision of a future and shape a solid and innovative approach. 

The TOC is a living document that reflects our desire to come together even more and take action to create an inclusive Greater Montreal without poverty. It will therefore evolve as new challenges emerge in the future. 

Taking action together
for an inclusive Greater Montreal
without poverty

In collaboration with

  • the Community sector
  • Greater Montreal population
  • Business sector
  • Institutions sector
  • and Foundations

Centraide can take action thanks to its Strategic levers

Icone réseau TOC

Our network


By working and connecting with agents of change from all sectors of our community, Centraide helps bring about collective and innovative solutions to tackle not only the effects but also the causes of poverty and social exclusion.

Icone Notre approche

Our approach


Centraide uses an agile and meticulous approach to strategically and responsibly invest in regional communities and to reinforce community agencies and projects.

Icone Nos connaissances TOC

Our knowledge


Thanks to our community relationship and analysis of quantitative and qualitative data from varied sources, Centraide can enhance its community insight, make strategic decisions, and measure the impact of these decisions.

Icone Notre influence TOC

Our influence


Centraide speaks out to raise public awareness and influence individuals and groups that play a role in the systemic changes needed to concretely tackle the causes of poverty and social exclusion.

Supporting and investing
in a network of network of
community agencies and projects

Areas of action

Creating a
lasting impact

Our focus is on vulnerable populations

Youths and their families
Immigrants, refugees and migrants
Indigenous people
People in a situation of disability
People in a situation of homelessness

People with mental health issues
Vulnerable workers
Racialized people
People from minority communities